Filip Mihajlovic - Background

Filip Mihajlovic is the Director of the Center for Research of Spirituality. He is widely acknowledged as a leading expert in techniques for reaching life goals for spiritual people.

He graduated mathematics on the University of Belgrade (Serbia, Europe).

Celebrated by the fantastic references from many spirituality people, he is doing counseling on achieving material goals since 1991. In the last 5 years he has got a worldwide recognition by developing his unique model for reaching one’s life goals by effective use of spiritual options. This amazing system has consistently been proven by many spiritual people around the world.

His clients and colleague-practitioners have dubbed him "miracle-maker" and "the most valuable person you can meet on your spiritual path" -- and he has become one of the most sought-after counselors in the field. (See reviews of the Quick Goals system).

His reputation for achieving "impossible" goals for his clients is well known in spirituality circles. Through his unique model he has helped literally hundreds of spiritual people to reach their life goals-from finding a perfect life partner to getting a promotion, or dramatically improving of one’s finances.

He was in the contact with spiritual path from his early childhood. His father is Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski, one of the South-Eastern Europe's most important authors in the field of spirituality. Filip has his first enlightenment experience (gnosis experience) at the age of 13.

He's started professionally coaching spiritual people in 1991. During past 25 years he has researched and practiced the full spectrum of spiritual systems that are considered the best in the world today: Systems ranging from NLP to different kinds of Energy therapies, meditation techniques and communication based systems.

From the beginning of his counseling career, he specialized in using one’s spiritual resources for reaching everyday life goals that so many spiritual people neglect. Right from the beginning he realized that the true spirituality must radiate from your Spiritual Path to every part of your life.

This is why the best part of his work was concentrated on developing techniques for reaching your goals in Spiritual way. These techniques are the basis of his QUICK GOALS system.

Filip Mihajlovic is the author of different systems and workshops in the field of spirituality that have acquired enviable reputation around the world.

Most popular of these are Quick Goals, Spiritual Option, Communicate!!!, Meridian Therapies Life-Remodeling", Spiritual Re-Creation of Reality and PRECISION-Goals Accomplishment system.

Mr. Mihajlovic is also the author of the book "On The Path Of A Master" published in 2000.

His extensive experience is the basis for the development of his signature brand of life goals achievement based on effective use of one's SPIRITUAL OPTIONS.

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