Can spiritual human be a success in the material world?

  1. "I doubled my income in just three months using SPIRITUAL OPTION! What seemed like an impossible goal before, today is my reality. Incredible!!! Ability to use my SPIRITUAL OPTIONS is a gift from heaven, and Filip is an unlimited source of knowledge." --Mile Kostov, Manager of Skovin AD Import-Export company, Republic of Macedonia, Europe (
  2. "Ability to use one's best options is every athletes dream. If you are also a spiritual person, it is essential to use SPIRITUAL OPTIONS. It is like being in the zone of optimal action. You correctly identify all your options both in offense and defense, and you use the right ones. SPIRITUAL OPTION is probably THE most valuable asset I have as a player. I am enormously grateful to Filip for creating this miracle of spiritual technology. Thank you Filip!" --Lapčevic Ivan, top athlete, 150+ times member of national handball team of Serbia.
  3. "I am already experiencing less stress while visible, concrete results are already manifesting that are crucial to attaining my goals. Spiritual Option is incredible! At last we have a spiritual system for achieving life-goals that REALLY WORKS. I am grateful for Filip's sharing of Spiritual Option in the USA. --Karen Gould, PEAT, DP-3, P/FR, S/R Processor and Trainer IAM ProtocolT Facilitator CIH, Holistic Healing Coach, Reiki III
    spiritual human
  4. "I am deeply grateful to Filip for creating and sharing SPIRITUAL OPTION; it's given me a concrete, effective way to address my own personal barriers that were directing my life. It is simple, clear --and it really works! I cannot imagine having the life I have today without the use of this tool." --Leslie Bassinger, M.S., CCC-SLP, Forth Worth Texas, USA (
  5. "I appreciate Filip´s Spiritual Option because this system of life-goal accomplishment techniques is a very fast and highly efficient method to achieve your goals. At the beginning it seemed to me that the promise of achieving everything you want was only an advertisement trick I have often seen in motivational books. But while practicing Spiritual Option I was very impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of its techniques. It is a huge win for my work with my clients as well for myself." --Dr.Rainer Jaehnig, Prisdorf (Germany) Psychologist, business coach
  6. "When Filip asked me to write a few sentences about Spiritual Option system, I immediately knew that it would be a bit more. I have practiced SPIRITUAL OPTION since 2003. The first goal that I was working on was the setting up of my own business. Just six months later, I was running my own company that by far exceeded my initial plans. It is company that does consulting and designing work in the field of telecommunications ((Aztek d.o.o. Zagreb ). In just six months I have come from just my laptop in mother’s kitchen, to a respectable company, with the team of young proficient telecommunication experts in our own modern offices, cutting edge equipment and very important clients and partners. You don’t need to try out dozens of different spiritual systems looking for one to use on your Spiritual Path. I assure you that Spiritual Option is enough. It is subtle and effective spiritual technique for 21st century It will unmistakably lead you to accomplishment of your goals, and it will also help you gain better insight into your true personal and spiritual needs. Spiritual Option may seem as a goal accomplishment technique, but on a deeper level it's a tool for getting in harmony with deepest parts of your being. It is a really amazing system.
    Make an effort and create your happiness and harmony. Spiritual Option is perfect tool for doing this, for any person on Spiritual Path." --Mojmir R. Novakovitz, Owner and GM. of Aztek d.o.o. company Zagreb, Croatia (
  7. "Wouldn’t it be nice if someone gave you a simple formula that would show you, step-by-step, how to achieve any goal you want? From finding your ideal partner or your perfect job to selling your first movie script. After spending thousands upon thousands of dollars getting information from almost every spiritual workshop or book out there, I can say, that without a doubt, Filip Mihajlovic's e-workshop is the best investment that any spiritual person can make." --Hannah Stephenson, Zen and Yoga Center, Seattle,
  8. "Yes, I am still grateful for my new house that came to me with the help of SPIRITUAL OPTION! The goal that I worked on when I attended Spiritual Option workshop in Asheville, NC, was about finding an ideal home for my family. I achieved great, even magical, success with a SPIRITUAL OPTION. The house I wanted was under contract with another buyer, but it unexpectedly became available again and I got my contract accepted. It happened on the same day that I had written down my SPIRITUAL OPTION goal! All I needed was to be aware and open to use an optimal option when it materialized!” --Amy Arrendal, Brain Gym instructor (, Asheville, NC, USA
  9. "I have been using the goal setting and goal accomplishment techniques I learned from Filip about 18 months ago. One of the areas of my life that has been enriched as a result of that work is in the area of spiritual fulfillment. Besides keeping my mind focused on what I would like to accomplish in my spiritual journey, the most effective technique has been my use of the experience modification technique (one of techniques of system). I continue to be amazed at how much my current perception of reality is colored by my past experiences. My spiritual consciousness or positive energy or power of intention or what every you want to call it has moved up the scale from neutrality to willingness to acceptance, a movement upward from about 200 Log to about 300 Log now. One who is familiar with David Hawkins work (Power verses Force) knows this is a tremendous advancement. By using the EMT, I am able to reframe past traumas that have tended to hold me back. I am very excited about the growth and development that has occurred in my life as a result of using these techniques. The positive energy and new perspective on life has also enabled me to be of greater help to my business clients." --Dr. Rick Underwood, President, Next Level Institute / Leadership Management Institute, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
  10. "After mastering Spiritual Option, I am left with a real respect for Filip and his method. It is deceptively simple and quite powerful. I am impressed with the depth of change that was achieved so quickly. Anyone who is into coaching or goal achieving methodology should really consider adding this to their tool box. It is a well thought out and complete system. I would go so far as to say that it is the new standard of excellence in this field. If you do coaching, jump on this--you have a chance to be in on the bottom floor of a great new methodology--one that has both personal and corporate applications. And it is system made for spiritual people. Thank you Filip!" --Scott Hanthorn, New Orleans, Louisiana
    Certified coach, Certified trainer of hypnosis, nlp, time based techniques, and humanistic neuro-linguistic psychology, Peat trainer, Reiki master.
    spiritual human
  11. "When it comes to teaching people how to harmonize their lives, Filip Mihajlovic is an absolute genius. But what's truly amazing is his singular skill in simplifying the craft of accomplishing any goal into a skill that's both learnable and infinitely easy. I believe that he is THE most valuable person you can meet on your spiritual path.” -- Thomas Stacy, Marketing Consultant, Brighton, Great Britain
  12. "Now I have a clear, effective framework of exactly how to achieve my every goal! I can't believe this is all I needed to do! I've been looking for such system for many years, practiced different techniques, studied with various “experts”, and all I needed to do was to take this class!" --Neil Holmes, car dealership owner, Durham (NC) United States
  13. "During my life, I have learned that the most important thing for accomplishment is a discipline. And although I have believed that, I have resisted it, for it limited my freedom as a spiritual being. SPIRITUAL OPTION SYSTEM SOLVED THAT IN THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WAY. When you solve your inner conflicts (layers of your ego) you work on your goals without discipline. You don't need it because your WHOLE BEING really wants to accomplish your goal. You really WANT to do various things that will lead you to the goal accomplishment. You don't need to force yourself. It's really beautifull. I am practicing this technique for the past three years, and its greatest contribution to my life is that now I REALLY know that anything I can set as a goal, I can certainly achieve. This is something I rationally thought to be true, but now I really know it. I have accomplished different difficult goals in my life, even without Spiritual Option. But the difference between doing this unconsciously and doing it with SPIRITUAL OPTION is, believe me, incredible. This system simply forces you to take specific action for accomplishment of your goals. One more thing. The system at once makes you understand what are your real goals, and what are things that you wanted just by your ego. It is really fantastic. I am applying it in my work, in my relationships with other people, and in creating my inner harmony (this one was really tough before:-) Spiritual Option is a life-changer! I love this technique!" --Snezana Naprta, MLM manager, Zagreb, Croatia
  14. "I have studied with Filip twice. His material is presented in a very easy to learn manner, and most important, his methods are practical, practical, practical. I highly recommend them. His results and his money back guarantee speak for themselves." Jerry Pegden, Teacher of the Top level (level 8) of Light-Language Energy system ( Moscow, Russia
    spiritual human
  15. "Filip, to say that you're an UNBELIEVABLE teacher for creating spiritual person’s reality, is an understatement. I would have to say you're the world's best “spirituality success" coach to date. You have definitely revolutionized the techniques for dealing with material goals of spiritual people!

    Your e-course is absolutely the most astonishing and easy-to-follow guide for any business owner who is also on Spiritual Path. People, if you want to take your business 10 steps forward, and go seriously about your job, this one is a must! -- Raphael Garcia, Organic food shop owner, San Diego (Ca)
  16. It is not as I have imagined it before I started practicing the system. Accomplishing your goal with the use of SPIRITUAL OPTION requires significant amount of work. I childishly believed that the system would do it for me:-). But when I have realized this, I knew that I will really make it. Before SPIRITUAL OPTION, my life-goals were just vague abstractions. Now I know how to accomplish them, and to accomplish them in the most harmonious way for myself and people around me. In real harmony with my spiritual path! The way of accomplishment is so clear to me now. It was always there, but I wasn’t able to recognize it because of my emotional burden. I really wasn’t able to use all my options. This is fantastic! This is the best stuff in the world! --Peter Stromberg, small business owner, Amsterdam, Holland
  17. "I must admit your SPIRITUAL OPTION is probably the best material of this kind I've seen. Unlike the other books or workshops out there, your e-workshop actually changed my attitude toward my goal by 180 degrees. It showed me step-by-step how to go from vague abstractions that were my goals to clear and exact spiritual way of certain achievement. I'll NEVER go about my goals old way again. Your work will no doubt have a profound impact on my life from now on ... Thanks Filip!" -- Robert Campbell, Boston, USA
  18. "The best thing I've gained with the Spiritual Option is the deep understanding of the miracle of creation, and acceptance of the full responsibility for it, as well as for my whole life. If you want to accomplish your goals, and have fun doing it, this one may work for you beautifully." --Igor Ostriz, Zagreb, Croatia
    spiritual human
  19. If you are a spiritual person, one thing you need to learn as soon as possible is how to transplant harmony of your spiritual path to your everyday life. Or as Filip says to use your spiritual options. Remember this fellow’s name. I expect that his method will be next big thing among spiritual people, very, very soon:-) --Steven Carr, Yoga master, (Charlotte (NC), USA)
  20. "I have accomplished THE MOST DEMANDING BUSSINESS PROJECT with SPIRITUAL OPTION in just three months! Imagine this: you know exactly what your goal is. You know exact steps you must take to accomplish it. You know what could go wrong and exactly how to deal with it if it does. You know with 110% certainty that you will succeed. If somebody told me about this before I WOULD NEVER BELIEVE IT!!! . Achieving each and every goal is so simple :-))))))" Gian Carlo Giovannini, attorney at law, Trieste, Italy
  21. "Spiritual Option techniques will make you fully understand your own ultimate responsibility for reaching your goals. I know it sounds like a cliché but after you use it for some time you come to realize that your success depends solely on you. Spiritual Option is precious because it directs you to use options that are really spiritual. Those that accomplish your goals in the best possible way for yourself and for people around you. This is something that improves not just one’s own reality but realities of groups and societies around us, also. It’s precious." --Nenad Radosavljevic, successful musician and music producer, Amsterdam, Holland
    spiritual human
  22. "Organizing SPIRITUAL OPTION workshop is one of the most gratifying things I have ever done. Within just a week since workshop, most participants called to thank me for organizing it in Macedonia. Some participants have solved long lasting health problems, some have made a great breakthroughs in areas of chosen goals. I have personally used technique in many areas, and results are such that it is hard for me to believe it is so simple! Optimal use of all your options is so empowering! It is a natural way to go about accomplishing one’s goals." --Angel Cvetkov, host of SPIRITUAL OPTION seminar in Skopje, Macedonia, Europe
  23. "For me, the most important characteristic of Spiritual Option is that it make you pay more attention to your material needs. Spiritually oriented people tend to neglect the material plane of existance (trust me on that:-) Spiritual Option made completely clear to me, that in order to be in real harmony with my Spiritual Path and myself, I need to be in harmony with the material world. Practicing Spiritual Option made me realize that it is possible to solve spiritual matters as well as material matters too. The funny thing is that it was REALLY just about using options that I have already had in my situation. Spiritual Option makes doing that so easy. This system is a real eye-opener. I believe that it creates a perfect balance between material and spiritual and increases your chances of going higher in your spiritual development." --Antonio Frontini, Valle Benedetta, Italy
  24. " I have more than doubled my profit on stock market in the first month of using these techniques. It is unbelievable how you can, in just a few applications of Spiritual Option techniques, discern important things for accomplishment of your goal from unimportant and trivial ones. On the first day of practicing Spiritual Option I have realized that things I have regarded as my goals were just a bunch of messy wishes and fantasies. Only when I applied whole Spiritual Option system to these, I realized what my goal really was, and what it was supposed to look like. I have lived my whole life struggling and messing around. Real wonder is that I accomplished things that I did :-)" --Ivan Rosaj, stock market broker, Republic of Slovenia, Europe
    spiritual human
  25. "Dear Filip,

    I used SPIRITUAL OPTION to work on finding my ideal partner. Frankly, I haven’t believed that I could accomplish this goal with Spiritual Option. I really started to work on it almost as a challenge to you and to the system, as if I wanted to prove to myself that this goal couldn’t be achieved that way. But as I worked on it, my emotional state and attitude toward the goal changed. As I eliminated emotional blocks, and internal conflicts connected to this goal I started to realize that it could be done. I also realized what specific steps that I could take to achieve it are. Those were really simple. They were really an option that I haven’t used before - my “Spiritual Option”. Although I was more and more certain that I would achieve it, I couldn’t imagine that accomplishment will be so fantastic. I am a surveying engineer, and we are optimistic people. But even in my wildest dreams I couldn’t imagine that achievement of my goal will include HER! Person I was in love for so many years (I am 54 now). Pain I was accumulating for so many years has now transformed to fantastic bliss. Today, we are planning redecoration of a condo where we will live together (we are living together already). I cannot really describe how proud I am of all changes I have accomplished in my life in short time since I started using Spiritual Option. I know you will say that this outcome is natural for a person who is in harmony with himself, his Spiritual Path, and who is using his optimal options (spiritual ones, of course). But, I am really thankful that you have initiated that in me. Thankfully yours,"
    --Stanko Kadija, Surveying Engineer, Zagreb Croatia
  26. "Filip’s method is something to experience and not to talk too much about. If you have a chance to master SPIRITUAL OPTION, do yourself a favor and do it.

    Thank you Filip"

    --Vladimir Kovacic. Host of SPIRITUAL OPTION seminar in Bastini, Croatia.
spiritual human

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