What experienced Spiritual Technology practitioners say about QUICK GOALS?

Here are some of the experiences which prominent members of our Spiritual Technology discussion forum had with the Quick Goals goal achievement system. Most are from the messages they sent to the forum, and some are from the reports they sent personally to me.

The first one was sent to the S-T discussion forum by the experienced Spiritual Technology practitioner (Trainer of Trainers), psychotherapist and coach Melanie McGhee.

14. 05 2012 sent to S-T discussion forum

Dear S-T members,

Since several practitioners of SO I used to work with, managed to fulfil their goal and purchased their homes, I decided to work together with my wife on the same goal. I used to have many barriers in this area, since I intended to invest the money saved in business. My wife's very important goal was buying an apartment in Skopje on a very good location - Taftalidze.

We started working together on the same goal on 14th of April. I put 30th of September as a deadline and she put 30th of May. I adjusted to her date although I couldn’t believe it was possible – how can we find enough money, how we can find suitable apartment in just two weeks...

When we started EMT on Goals process and she got clear and sure that she trusts 100% we’ll have an apartment in Skopje till 30th of May, I checked again my present situations – affirmation and negative characteristics I used to show. I was surprised to see that they were already better rated without any processing on myself.

My wife went to the bank next day and on our good fortune she received information that there’s a promotion on taking a loan and we can use only 10% downpayment and put the same apartment under mortgage. We have good income and we could get loan, but we didn’t have enough money for downpayment.

The first try wasn’t successful since the apartment we wanted was still under construction and we couldn’t get with 10% down-payment.

The second try was ok – we had information that we can get a loan of 45.000 EUR. I made some calculations, sold some shares, so I had enough money to give the down-payment - around 13.000 EURos.

In order not everything to be easy, the evaluation of the same apartment by the bank was lower than we are paying for the location and we received information from the bank we can get only 39.000 EUR.

That was terrible news and that day was a nightmare for me – the business was bad, I had a reclamation from Germany and thought it was a disaster (I already gave 2.500 EURos as a guarantee for purchasing the apartment)

Then I continued EMT-ing the recent events and got in good shape again. Thus I asked in advance my commission I was supposed to get end of June.

During the balancing I found out that part of the commission I calculated for my present work actually was for some deal I’ve done before. This was not planned 2.000 Euros. Thus, that day I managed to collect 5.000 euros. It was a little miracle, but I was really determined to get that money.

For the rest I managed to cut the commission of the agency, to split it with the seller company, and to postpone payment of the tax, with some few small bargains.

It was interesting how we were solving the unexpected additional costs.

Interestingly enough, the whole process was finished in about two weeks time.



23. 01 2013. S-T group

Dear Friends,

Once again, I would like to thank Philip on the invention of the Quick Goals system. What happened to me is another proof it is the best goal management system in the world:

At the end of August last year I was leading a Q.G. seminar to a group of sales people. During the workshop I set up a goal just as a demonstration for participants how the system works for goals when one doesn’t have 100% control over the outcome. Thus, I put a goal to publish a book. Of course this is not a big deal, but the purpose was the demonstration of the system.

The Outcome: Last week there was a press-conference where members of the Macedonian Academy of Science and Art announced that they choose my novel “Mission” as the best novel in the competition upon the occasion of establishment of the first independent Macedonian publishing house. This was published on many news portals, several national TV stations, one magazine and 20 radio stations.

Also I won a prize of 100.000 denars, golden medal for best novel and a paint from famous academic painter.

One can easily find if Google „Misija Mile Kostov”.

After realisation of the third big goal, I don’t have to prove anymore the functionality of the SO system. Thus I decided to start spreading the Quick Goals and ST on a professional basis.


Mile Kostov

Mobile: +389 70 315 039

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