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  • 15 videos which will thoroughly explain and demonstrate all S.O. techniques.
  • These VIDEOS also contain thorough explanations and answers to the questions that participants of Personal Coaching Programs (in March and November) asked while they were practicing Q.G.
  • Quick Goals Video Course MANUAL.
  • Frequently Asked Questions file, which contains the questions which real life workshops participants asked while practicing the system.
  • Program for individual practice after completing Q.G. Video Course.

Yes! I want to master the best goal achievement system in the world, and achieve my goals in harmony. Price: $147 (Plus VAT if you are a resident of a European Union country).

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Besides being a great technique for a goal accomplishment, Quick Goals was great in the area of increasing of my spiritual fulfillment. My spiritual consciousness, or positive energy, or call it whatever you want has moved up the scale from neutrality to willingness to acceptance. It is a movement upward from about 200 Log to about 300 Log. One who is familiar with the work of David Hawkins (Power verses Force) knows what a tremendous advancement it is.
I am very excited about the growth and development that has occurred in my life as a result of using these techniques. The positive energy and new perspective on life has also enabled me to be of greater help to my business clients. Dr. Rick Underwood, President, Next Level Institute / Leadership Management Institute, Louisville, Kentucky, USA

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