Why I feel that you really want to learn S.O. QUICK GOALS system

Dear Spiritual Option practitioners,

I believe that Spiritual Option is the best system for achieving goals in the world.

Almost every day I receive reports from practitioners all around the world who achieved their goals. Few days ago I received a report from a client who achieved his financial goal in less than 4 months.

His name is Abel Gonzales, from McAllen, Texas, USA. Here is part of the message I got:

“Dear Filip,
I am glad to inform you that I achieved my goal.
Few days ago I reviewed my sales commission since I started Spiritual Options in January-April 20th, and I have achieved my goal of making and collecting over $40,000 in cash (I have collected over $42,000 since last week).
I have projected additional earning after harvest for $60,000 to $90,000 dollars to collect by July 30th 2013, depending on the harvest production.
It is not bad, despite the hardships of the weather and the economy. I am doing much better than previous years, and I credit Spiritual Options.”

Practitioners who use Spiritual Option, really achieve their goals.

So, why did I start coaching S.O. Quick-Goals?

The main problem with Spiritual Option is the fact that EMTfG technique is a little bit too demanding for regular everyday practice “first thing in the morning”. The program for individual practice is too difficult to keep with, as just one EMT process demands 10-15 minutes to complete (and some practitioners work even slower).

Sometimes it’s really hard to do the process, modify your Goal Achievement Experience (and BCS/LA), in the morning, before you start doing all the things you regularly need to do. And doing it every day is, for most people, almost impossible. On the top of that, you should also take some material world actions for achievement of your goal.

And I believe that regular practice is a key for achieving goals. Regularity is what allow you to stay in optimal emotional state, and behave optimally, which is really how S.O. make you achieve your goals.

So, if you are working regularly with experienced S.O. coach, or you have enough free time to practice S.O. as you should, Spiritual Option will produce results with ease.

But, if you have a regular 8-hour job, and after that you need to take care of your children, and all other things people regularly have in their lives, you will need extraordinary effort to practice S.O. as you should.

This is the main reason why you should have S.O. Quick-Goals at your disposal.

The main part of this modification of S.O. system is the self improvement technique which works really well, but with much shorter and simpler process than the EMT.

With this technique, everybody will be able to do everyday Q.G. exercises in 10 minutes in the morning, start the day in optimal emotional state, and naturally take practical actions for the goal achievement.

You will even be able to use this technique whenever you feel "down" during a day.

Technique is really, really simple, effective and gives results in minutes.

I use it everyday myself on my goals.

Of course, I don’t have technical problems with using EMT :). And I don’t lack time for practicing as I do have a lot of free time (my work consists of coaching a workshop every couple of months, and rest of the time I have pretty much for myself).

But I still use S.O. Quick-Goals for of my everyday practice, because it’s so much easier.

So, I really feel that this will be a valuable addition for your arsenal of techniques, and that it will greatly ease the achievement your goals.

With the new plan for individual work, it will be much easier to work regularly, and achieve them in the shortest possible time. And I truly believe that this is the most important element for achieving your goals.

My main reason for presenting this to S.O. practitioners is the ease and simplicity with which you will be able to practice it solo.

So, if you are able to consistently apply S.O. on your goals in different areas, and you are quite content with your ability to regularly practice it according to the plan, maybe you don’t even need the new system. (EMT process gives somewhat deeper results than the new technique).

But, I really feel that Quick-Goals technique will be really beneficial, and that it will improve your effectiveness and the way in which you achieve your goals.

Most of the time, I am using it as my technique of choice.

And after all, as for all workshops I do, you have my absolute satisfaction guarantee. At the end of the Quick Goals Video Course, I will ask you if you are absolutely satisfied with the technique, and with the Video Course. If you are not, it will be free for you.

You can try it try it and see if this is “your cup of tea”.

For your success and harmony,